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Couples Therapy

At Life Cycles Counseling, we work with couples to restore the relationship or build it to it’s optimal level. A variety of problems may be addressed, for example communications problems, needs not being met, infidelity, and identifying underlying issues in the relationship. Our counselors use elements from Gottman, Family Systems, IFS, CBT and Attachment styles to help the couple better communicate, resolve differences, self-regulate, and be kinder to one another.

The sessions are a combination of talking about issues, psychoeducation by counselor, handouts, prompts, activities and homework. We ask each couple to commit to 10-12 weekly or bi-weekly sessions as it usually takes that long to work through all the material and talking points. Some couples may need a bit longer if there are more complicated issues at stake, or they need more repetition and follow.

We also marital counseling for couples that want to build a solid foundation before big issues arise.