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Marcel Gamboa is a certified family and divorce mediator.  Mediation is a process where two or more parties attempt to resolve a conflict.  If an agreement is reached, you can avoid high expenses related to attorney feels and court proceedings. Other benefits include that you are fully in charge of the outcome, it’s confidential and it’s quick.  Courts are often behind for months and doing a mediation will likely save you lots of time and money. 

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Why chose Marcel Gamboa as a mediator?

As a counselor with over 22 years of experience, Marcel has a extensive knowledge of family conflict. With a counselor background, he has an unique ability to generate potential solutions and to prompt a healthy dialogue between parties. Marcel is a certified family/divorce mediator and he has successfully reached Mediated Settlement Agreements in many disputes.

How is the mediation conducted?

Most mediations are conducted via zoom, while some are in person if requested by the parties. Typically we start with an opening statement from each party. At times, parties stay together while the mediator facilitates a dialogue and works towards compromises. Other times, it is in the parties' best interest to separate into different rooms and discuss things privately. This can be done if mediation is conducted via zoom as well. If an agreement is made, the mediator will write up a Mediated Settlement Agreement. If attorneys are present, one of the attorneys will file the agreement with the court. If no attorneys are present, the parties will have to agree on an attorney that "papers" the case. Marcel Gamboa does not file the agreement with the court.

Can I call with questions?

Yes, call 281-299-8607 for further questions and a 15 minute complementary consultation.

What is your pricing and cancellation policy?

Cost is $150 per hour per party. Minimum is 3 hours for fairly simply disputes, while most divorce cases will need a full day (8 hours). Payment must be received at the time of scheduling the appointment. If cancelled at least 7 days prior to the mediation, a full refund will be issued. If cancelled at least 24 hours before mediation but less than 7 days prior, a 50% refund will be issued. There is no refund once mediation begins.

Is it confidential?

Things discussed in mediation are confidential. A party can request a "caucus" at any time; that is, discussing certain matters privately they do not want the other party to know or for other reasons. If an agreement is reached, we will draft up a Mediated Settlement Agreement that an attorney will file with the court. Depending on the court and the county, the details of this agreement may or may not become public.

Can you give legal advice?

Mediators do not give legal advice, regardless of whether or not he/she is an attorney. You should seek legal counsel if you have questions on how to proceed with your case.

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